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Vocational Services

Purposeful, Productive Work in a Positive Environment

Successful Meeting

Therapuetic Work Environment

Our large workspaces encourage employee choice.  Participants have the option to work in quiet areas to avoid overstimulation if needed.  

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Increase Social Engagement

The community at MARC is open, friendly and welcoming.  Job coaches and facilitators encourage participants to socialize with peers as part of a positive environment. 


Onsite Clinicians, integrated therapy

Physical Therapy, along with individual and group Art Therapy, are available at MARC.   Prescribed therapies can be provided in one convenient location.


Wages start at $9.50 per hour!  Other benefits include free dental insurance and a monthly attendance bonus.


Flexible work schedules are available to meet the individual needs of each participant.  


Weekly pay schedule and optional direct deposit simplify budgeting and provide timely enforcement for participants.


Job Coaching and social support is provided by trained, experienced professionals.  


Onsite seminars on applicable topics like nutrition, health, emotional regulation and more are provided on a regular basis.

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