Mission & Values


Our mission at MARC is to use actual work activities as therapy in the belief that having an occupation is a basic human activity essential for health and the healing process and that therapeutic work activity must embody the characteristics of purposefulness, challenge, accomplishment, and satisfaction that make up every occupation.


We believe in person centered individualized programming which embodies and supports a team approach to success in the therapeutic vocational setting. Each person’s entire team must be actively engaged to obtain purposeful outcomes on a continuing basis.
We believe in the power of individual choice. Persons served have both the right and the obligation to be active in the process of choosing their vocational activities and developing personal goals.
We believe that partnerships produce effective and substantive outcomes for the individuals we serve. Our relationships, with individuals, their families, our employees, the organizations, and communities in which we work, are based on shared esteem and a focus on innovation, excellence, and personal choice.
We believe in promoting the physical well-being of the persons we serve through physical activity. The ability to be as fit and functional as possible builds greater quality of life and will minimize the risks associated with sedentary lifestyles such as muscle atrophy, deteriorating health, and loss of function.
We believe prescribed physical therapy programs improve mobility and help manage pain. Physical Therapy is an important part of rehabilitation, treatment, and prevention of chronic conditions, illnesses, and injuries.
We believe in providing a creative outlet to the individuals we serve. Giving them the opportunity to express themselves through different artistic mediums.
We believe in providing a robust schedule of educational in-services for those that we serve to promote healthier hygiene habits and training necessary to increase independence with ADLs.
We believe in giving back to the community in which we live and work. Our goal as we continue to grow is to develop community volunteering and outreach.
We believe in upholding the fundamental rights of our persons served and other stakeholders ensuring that our organization is continuously working to understand the diverse needs that may be faced daily with the population we serve.