Coronavirus (Covid-19)

April 1, 2020

Current amendment reflects updated information from the Oakland County Health Department.

Official Statement regarding Coronavirus – COVID-19

At MARC Therapies, our highest priority is to provide a safe environment for our participants. We continue to take steps to ensure a clean working environment, in accordance with steps outlined by the CDC and the MDHSS.

Effective immediately in accordance with the emergency order 2020-5 from The Oakland County Health Division, all employees of MARC will undergo daily mandatory health screening.

We will be closed on Tuesday, March 24 for a deep cleaning of the office and a review of vocational associate protocols. We will reopen on Wednesday, March 25 with the following risk prevention protocols in place:

  • Vocational Associates will be divided into Work Groups and will work only with specific associates based on their current living situation and risk potential
  • Start times will be staggered to prevent any more than three people in the foyer at any time. Mandatory hand washing times with administrative oversight will be enforced.
  • Associates will work in dedicated, separate work environments to maintain spacing and limit contact with other groups.
  • Lavatory stalls will be dedicated to each Associate and cleaned multiple times per day.
  • Art groups will continue with modifications to accommodate Work Groups, and participants will sit at least six feet apart. No materials will be shared during Art groups.

We will continue with established risk prevention strategies, including:

  • Team meetings will be held via teleconference
  • All employees that are sick or feel they are becoming sick have been mandated to stay home.
  • Upon staff’s arrival, it is mandated that they wash their hands and then clean all hard surfaces (tables, chair arms, door handles, work equipment, keyboards, cell phones, restrooms) with disinfecting wipes.
  • The foyer doors have been locked and only MARC employees are permitted entrance to the building. No visitors are permitted entry into the building. Signage is posted at the building entrance prompting anyone transporting our vocational associates to wait outside or in the foyer area until the vocational associate leaves the building.
  • All employees of MARC, both vocational associates and staff members are on a strict handwashing schedule. All employees are to wash their hands upon arrival. All employees must wash their hands at 10:30 am, 12:00 pm, and 2:00 pm. MARC staff prompt and supervise all vocational associates while they do this. Additional hand washing in prompted and promoted throughout the workday.
  • Posted signage in all restrooms and kitchen areas advising appropriate handwashing techniques. This signage is also visibly posted on our safety board. All MARC employees are directed to check the safety board daily for any new updates.
  • Signage is posted on the interior of all restroom doors reminding employees of MARC to wash their hands before exiting and to remind them to use their used paper towels to open doors.
  • Workstations have been set up to give each individual six feet of clearance from the next nearest individual in accordance with the recommendations from the CDC and MDHSS. In addition to this, there is a strict no-touch policy in place (this includes touching others or others’ property).
  • Signage is posted reminding employees to appropriately cover their cough (coughing either into the crook of their arm or into a tissue). Staff then prompts the individual to wash their hands.
  • MARC’s safety board is frequently updated with pertinent information regarding COVID-19 and how best to keep oneself safe and healthy.
  • All hard surfaces (tables, chair arms, door handles, work equipment, keyboards, cell phones, restrooms) are wiped down with disinfecting wipes at 10:45 am, 12:30 pm, 2:15 pm, and 3:15 pm) by our vocational associates and staff. Participation in cleaning hard surfaces is mandatory for all employees of MARC. It’s important that our vocational associates are participating in these safe and healthy measures to reinforce good habits.
  • Before staff leave for the day they are to conduct a thorough cleaning of all hard surfaces (tables, chair arms, door handles, work equipment, keyboards, cell phones, restrooms) throughout the building.
  • An ample supply of cleaning products remains on hand at MARC (hand soap, disinfecting wipes, disinfecting spray, paper towel).

We take our commitment to our Vocational Associates very seriously. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and take all steps required by governing agencies.

Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions or concerns.

Dan Eaton, RN, CBIS
Executive Director
MARC Therapies

Charlie Norwood
Program Director
MARC Therapies

Additional websites and resources:

The Oakland County Health Division:
(248) 858-1280 or visit

The Center for Disease Control:


Mental Health and Coping during COVID-19

Additional Resources provided to staff, administration and participants:

Cover Your Cough
Guidelines for Infections Control
Hand Sanitizer Fact Sheet
Know the Facts: COVID-19
Complete Self Monitor, Quarantine and Self Isolation guidelines
Social Distancing guidelines

We will continue to follow guidance from the Oakland County Health Division, the MDHHS and the CDC as conditions change. Our staff have received additional support in appropriate hand washing techniques and will continue to cue our participants to maintain hygienic practices.

Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions or concerns.

Dan Eaton, RN, CBIS
Executive Director
Medical Alternatives, Inc
MARC Therapies of Novi