Racial Equity Statement

MARC Therapies is commited to providing purposeful, productive work in a positive environment for people with TBI or other neurocognitive impairments.  Our approach includes combining meaningful work and a sense of community for our Vocational Associates to live a more fulfilled and robust life.

MARC Therapies is also committed to providing a safe, just and supportive working environment for all of our employees.  Recent national events have caused reflection, as we look at our core values as well as how we are supporting our communities at home and in the work place with actions as well as ideals.

The leadership team provides compassionate, committed service to our Vocational Associates, regardless of race.  The compassion and commitment extends to the staff and administration, who have access to senior leadership day or night.  Training for staff and administration is focused on the rights of the individual, identifying and eliminating bias, as well as protecting staff members in the community.

By focusing on partnership and collaboration, we hope to minimize the impact of systemic racial injustice.  Recent events show clearly that complacency is not an option when it comes to serving the needs of our Vocational Associates and employees.

We remain committed to our core value of upholding the fundamental rights of our Vocational Associates, and of the community in which we serve.  We will continue to work toward a deeper awareness of how biases and racism impact our community.

June 10, 2020