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Physical Therapy


Our experienced team will develop a program designed for you.  Pain and dysfunction can hinder your ability to move.  Illness, injury, surgery or even aging are often best addressed with therapy.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Post surgery patients are referred to physical or occupational therapy for rehabilitation of the repaired or replaced joint structure. Here at MARC, our therepists have many years of experience & advanced certificates to achieve your recovery goals.

As a team many physician protocols are intergrated into patient care. ACL reconstruction, RTC repair, torn labrum/ repair, mastectomy, achilles tear, total shoulder replacement, total knee & hip replacement, spinal surgeries or fusions, surgeries of the hand, wrist & elbow.   



A diagnosis of vertigo is oftem treated with a short episode of physical therapy. Additionally, balance disturbance/ dysfunction can be assessed & programs developed to improve functional mobility & fall prevention.



Our entire facility is handicapped accessible and easy to maneuver for your convenience.

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Orthopedic therapy entails reducing effects of various injuries such as sprains, strains, back & neck injuries requiring hands on techniques & specific exercise prescription.

Neurological Conditions

May be as specific as an individual nerve injury or palsy, or as broad as a central nervous system disease or injury.

Nerve entrapments & insults such as neuropathy, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, brachial plexus, ulnar nerve, sciatica, tarsal tunnel most often require therapeutic intervention for resolution & prevention.

Brain injuries, brain surgeries, stroke & spinal cord injuries are serious & require an integrative team approach and intensive rehabilitation. With these types of injuries, residual problems & the general aging process will require therapy intervention at various times throughout their life.

Pain Management

Our physical therapist play an important role in managing chronic pain by administering treatments that include strengthening and flexibility exercises, manual therapy, posture awareness and body mechanics instruction.  Our therapists can also help patients to understand the underlying cause of their pain.  


"I feel right at home every time I walk into MARC Therapies. I'm always welcomed with a smile and the entire staff is helpful and truely cares about how I'm doing."

               -MARC Therapies patient

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a pain reduction technique that involves the manual manipulation of muscles and soft tissue.  Our massage therapist uses a number of different methods, such as stroking, tapping, rubbing and kneading to reduce muscle tension and loosen sore joints. 

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